The name Roulette is French for small circle. Some people speculate that the term "Roulette" was invented by Blaise Pascal during the 17th century. Others claim that Roulette came from China and was introduced to Europe by Dominican Monks. The Dominican Monks have traded with Chine in the early 1700s.

In the 18th century, Prince Charles of Monaco introduced gambling in the monarchy. Gambling helped ease the economic crisis faced by Monaco then. The Roulette was an instant hit. The modern version of the Roulette was not developed until 1842. The French modified the Roulette wheel to include the single "0". The single "0" Roulette game in the Americas was introduced thereafter.

Eventually, the "0" was rejected by the Americans. The single "0" puts the casino to making lower profits. The Roulette was modified to include "00". The Roulette has significantly gained popularity at the height of the California Gold Rush.

The American Roulette Wheel has 38 numbers including "0" and "00". This gives an advantage of 5% to the casino owner. This means that for every $100 wager on the Roulette, the casino has sure $5 profit. The European Roulette Wheel has 37 numbers. The wheel does not have "00" giving a lesser casino advantage of 2%. This means that for every $100 wager on the Roulette, the casino has sure $2 profit. The chips used in the casinos are varied as well. In Roulette, chips are used in betting instead of real money. American casinos give multi-colored chips while playing Roulette. For every color, there is a corresponding value. European casinos give single color chips during Roulette games.

One difference is the way bets are collected after the spin. In American casinos, the dealers sweep the bet from wheel using their arms and hands. In European casinos, a "rake" is used to collect losing bets in the Roulette.

Roulette is played by spinning a ball on the Roulette Wheel. Players predict where the ball will rest. There are corresponding numbers on the Roulette Wheel. There is the inner numbers and outer numbers. You can bet on the inside wheel and the outside wheel. Betting in Roulette starts at the prompt of the dealer. Bets are made by placing the chips on the corresponding numbers on the Roulette.

The way Roulettes is played in most casinos is the same. It's just a matter of predicting where the ball will rest on the Roulette Wheel. It's a good idea to test your precition skills by trying online roulette at some online gambling sites.

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