Slot Machine Concepts

Every slot machine player must be knowledgeable with some basic slot machine concepts. I give you some basic slot machine terms.

You probably heard of RNG mentioned here and there. RNG or Random Number Generator is one of the most important parts of the slot machine. Random Number Generator is a computer chip placed inside the slot machine that randomly selects a certain combination of symbols every second. Only when a coin is dropped in the coin feed does the Random Number Generator zero in on a certain symbol combination. This determines the winning or the losing of a slot machine player. Random Number Generators ensures the randomness of the symbols received by each player.

Reels are the wheels that are imprinted with or glued with certain symbols that must line up to form the winning combination. Slot machines traditionally consist of three reels but new models of slot machines include five reeled slot machines.

You call the information about the slot machine posted in front of the slot machine as the slot schedule. This includes information regarding what type of slot machine it is, the denominations that can be wagered on that slot machine and the matching winning payouts for each coin wagered.

Loose slot machines are what you call the slot machines that lets players win more often that usual. It is said that loose slot machines have more symbols for the winning combination than usual. Tight slot machines are the exact opposite of loose slot machines. They are slot machines that have lesser winning symbols than other slot machines thus, lesser chances of winning.

Slot testing is done through playing slot machines with your roll of coins and not with your credits so as to determine the slot machine’s percentage of payout.

Slot machines average percentage rate of payout is determined over a certain period of time, even as long as one year. A slot machine’s average percentage payout rate may go as high as 502% or as low as 28% depending on the yearly play. We call this slot machine cycle as an up or down cycle or sometimes called the sizzling or sputtering slot.

A slot-mix or slot placement is the placement of loose and tight slot machines in the casino. Generally, loose slot machines can be found in public places. Try looking for them in the change booths or cashier places. Also remember not to play two slot machines at the same time as loose slot machines are usually placed beside tight slot machines. Also remember not to play beside a winning slot machine.

I hope I helped in educating you with these slot machine terms. Happy spining and good luck!

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