Australian Slot Machines

Australia is one of the world’s poker machine capitals. Frequently called pokies, poker machines are officially named Gaming Machines. The current amendments in gambling regulations created an abundance of poker machines all over Australia. This stirred up objections and arguments among different sectors of the government and organizations for the poor. The main concern for such objections is the increasing levels of problem gambling amongst the private citizens of the country.

Australian poker machines use video displays simulated by five reels. Poker machines have extra bonus features. These machines allow various types of play such as multiple lines that could be played up to fifty, and multiple ways up to two hundred forty three. High complexity levels means higher revenues for casino operators, but the down turn would mean more problem gambling.

Problem gambling in Australia is attributed mainly to the easy access of slot machines. Almost every major city in Australia has a casino and bar or clubs that showcase these gambling machines. Many problem gamblers seek the help of certain groups and organizations.

These groups provide counseling and support systems for these gamblers seeking help. What they usually reason out as culprits to their need to gamble are the poker machines that are found just about everywhere. Nowadays, there is an urge to regulate the operation of poker machines and many supporters of this action are trying to strengthen the need to change the legislation on gambling.

The laws that preside over these gambling activities are controlled by individual states and these laws vary from one state to another. For instance, in Queensland, the clubs that have gaming machines should have a return rate of 60 percent and the ones operated in casinos should have a 90 percent return rate. New South Wales is the first state that legislated poker machines in 1956, making all the machines in registered establishments such as clubs, legal.

With such provisions on the existence of the poker machines in Australia, it is now slowly being regulated and people are becoming more educated. There may be some folks who do not seem to follow the rules from time to time, but the awareness that the government and support teams have been fighting for proved effective, though not so appealing.

Gambling should be a source of fun and entertainment. It is a rule of thumb that everything is excess is bad. However, there is always a way to get back to reality and a fall back is always there when they are needed.

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