European Slot Machines

Europeans call slot machines as fruit machines and in Britain it is known as AWP or amusement with prizes. The most common establishments where slot machines can be found are pubs, clubs, take away food shops and arcades. European slot machines usually have three or six reels with sixteen or twenty four fruit symbols printed on them. When the reels spin and a combination of fruit appear at the stop, pay outs come out from the machine or sub-games can be played.

These slot machines are comparable to casino-based slot machines common around the world. Europeans call these machines as fruit machine because they are mainly found in arcades and pubs. Fruit machines have more side features and sub-games that entitles players to win more pay outs. Jackpots from fruit machines are quite limited since most of these machines are giving pay outs of not more than 25 pounds in a single win.

Slot machines are known to give multiple pay outs; this is termed as a streak. However these jackpots require a new game play evading the maximum 25 pound per game rule. Exclusive club members are permitted to play with club machines that pay out higher jackpots. In UK, fruit machines usually take a percentage on its pay out before the player wins a game.

So it is advisable to observe machines that have quite a number of non-winning players because these machines are likely to increase the amount of pay out on its possible win. This is called sharking and it is a type of fruit machine popular in European countries where they have been legalized. The minimum percentage for the pay out is 70 percent in Britain and in some pubs the pay out is set approximately at 78 percent.

The Fairplay movement suspected that these UK fruit machines make use of fake techniques since the probabilities of winning from these machines are pre-determined and not random as what they usually claim.

To cite an example, if a player gambled his 25 pounds on the fruit machine, it will not allow him to gamble anymore. If the player selects further, whether a high or a low, it is more likely he will still lose.

With all the allegations against the fruit machines, the industry setters have made their own moves. The issues were said to be forwarded and considered by the UK gambling commission and new set of rules are to be modified in order to further legalize the operation and standards of the fruit machines.

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