Secrets for beating the “one-armed bandits”

You have definitely had the opportunity to visit at least one land casino and you have certainly been tempted to try your luck at a slot machine, after having noticed what a great number of slot machines can be found throughout a casino. It’s no wonder, since slot machines offer you the chance to win so much with so little effort. But in order to win, you should know that there are some slot machine secrets you should be aware of before starting playing.

In essence, there are two different types of slot machines: the flat rate machines, with set jackpot payoff and the progressive slots, where the jackpot grows with every coin you inserted until you hit the jackpot.

Two machines located next to each other may seem identical to you, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the same payout percentage. So, pay particular attention to this and play at machines that offer the highest payout rates possible.

Many casinos give away more than half billion dollars in comps each year. Today you have the possibility to use one of the player's club slot cards these casinos offer. It is based on how many coins you cycle through a machine. It means that you may get credit for all the quarters you inserting in that specific machine. Still, don’t gamble only to receive these comps.

When you put your money into the bill receptor, it is immediately converted into machine credits, so keep in mind that the credits on a slot machine are real money, even though they may not have a dollar amount attached. Coinless machines are a great handiness for us, gamblers but they are also profitable for the casinos because of players’ attitude towards machine credits.

We advise you not to play back the winnings you have accumulated, but rather cash out because the longer you stay at a machine the more likely you are to lose in any online casino. So, press the cash out button and take your money, because many people tend to forget even this. Try to avoid the slot machines found in bars, restaurants, airports and supermarkets as these are the least profitable. In such place, the “one-armed bandits” will only take away your money.

When playing at a traditional slot machine, a good start would mean putting low denomination bills into the machine and only put one bill at a time. And once you have put a bill into the slot machine’s receptor certify you actually watch it go inside the machine. Every now and then the receptor happens to spit bills back out if they are wrinkled or inserted wrong. Slot machines may seem the easiest form of gambling, but in order to make it profitable as well you need to be cautious and pay close attention to all these details.

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