Most Popular Online Slot Machines

Slot machines are very popular not just in land-based casinos but also in online casinos. The object of the play is to get the winning combination in order to win the jackpot. There are some slot machines that are categorized as the best slots online.

The best classic slot machine is the Safecracker. It gives a higher jackpot at 20,000 coins and the bet range is from a quarter to $5 dollars. The maximum play is 3 coins per spin. Safecracker also offers several payout ranges where a single spin can give a payout of $5,000 and $20,000 for triple spins. It also offers average range payouts.

Another classic slot is the High 5, which is a three-wheeled slot machine with one pay line. A player’s winning multiplies depending on how many high 5 symbols he gets. For instance he gets 2 high five symbols, it will be multiplied by 25. The coin range is from one quarter to $5 dollars and the betting choice is from one to three coins. The top prize is 15,000 coins.

The best multi-line slot machine is Flower power. This game offers prizes up to 1000 coins. The logic of the game is the lower the coin purses the more chances to hit the jackpot. Flower power has more than one pay line so the chance of hitting a win is higher. If one is looking for the best online five-reel slot, then Thunderstruck is the best choice. This slot machine offers unique bonuses such as possible spins that has a 3x multiplier. A thunderstruck has five reels and nine pay lines.

The minimum coin requirements are from 1 cent to $1 dollar, and a player can play with 5 coins per pay line. Hitting more than three rams gets 15 free spins. Wins on free games are normally tripled, but if a player hits a wild Thor his winnings can multiply 6 times. Potential winnings of up to $150,000 are possible with thunderstruck and doubling or quadrupling one’s wins is also possible by clicking on the gamble button.

For the best online slots bonus features, the Lucky charmer is the best choice. The bonus feature has a second screen which makes it fun. Three musical pipes and a charmer are the options to choose from on the bonus round. Winnings are determined by the objects that come out of the baskets, and in order to reach the bonus round the player needs to hit the king cobra on the third pay line.

For the best online progressives, major millions and rags to riches are the best options. Major millions can give payouts of up to $250,000, but you have to pay $3 per spin in order to get to the jackpot round. The rags to riches slot needs three symbols to start the jackpot round. The minimum payout is $100,000 and the amount to bet is $3 per spin.

Whatever the choice one makes in playing his favorite game, it is surely a great experience to have played at least one of the aforementioned online slot machine.

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