What You Need To Know About Pachislos

The word is pronounced as 'Pa-Chi-Su-Ro' and 'Pachi-Slo' in Japanese and English respectively. Pachislo is derived from the words, "Pachinko" and "Slot."

Pachislos are valid casino equipments with lively illumination and animating sounds. Some Pachislos may have LCD monitors and/or extra reels, referred to as the 4th reel, to improve play. They can have up to five varieties of lines and receives 1-3 tokens in a single play. These machines are intended for tokens-in/tokens-out play, but many models can be switched to take quarters. However, this may be illegitimate in some states even if the purpose is for home use.

Difference between Las Vegas slots and Pachislos

Slot machines found in most Las Vegas casinos are auto-stop machines, which mean that the reels automatically stop turning. A skill stop machine like the pachislo requires that the spinning of each reel be manually stopped by a player by pushing the appropriate button below individual lines of reel. In a way, this provides the player the ability to manipulate the result which is the reason why skill-stop machines are legitimate in many states.

Conversely, pachislos requires no amount of skill. Once the reels are turned, random number generation on the primary board will determine whether you are a winner.

It is quite noticeable that the pachislo has its spin knob located on the front rather than the standard pull chrome lever found on Las Vegas slot machines.

The major difference lies in the payouts. In Vegas slots, the whole jackpot is given out in the coin tray at once. On the other hand, in the pachislo, players are assured of winning a particular amount of tokens, commonly 360 tokens. However, the tokens are given over a succession of next spins in throughout the "Big Chance" or extra period, which depends on the Type.

TYPE A - The "Big Chance" period guarantees the player 24 definite winning spins totaling 360 tokens. The round is divided into 3 sets guaranteeing 8 victories within the first and second round; and again between rounds 2 and 3 as the music changes; in this bonus period, the odds of drawing a higher combination is enhanced. The round continues until you get a free turn or "replay" combination. Winning up to five hundred tokens is a possibility in the "Big Chance" play option which also depends on the level of your skill when stopping the reels in the extra period between rounds.

TYPE B - (Challenge Game)- The "Big Chance" round follows the same format as the TYPE A machine, except that if the "Bonus" light is illuminated when you come to the "Big Chance" round, you are entitled to 201 successive spins. You can receive up to 750 tokens and the whole "Big Chance" portion may last from 15 to 20 minutes.

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