A Beginner's Guide For A Progressive Game

A progressive kind of slot game is usually a game of luck. Sometimes a player wins sometimes not. All they need to have is luck. It is really exciting and thrilling when a player gets the big jackpot.

The progressive slot machine has surely changed the gaming industry because of its huge jackpot. This encourages players to aim at the progressive slot machine, since they know that they have a chance to take home millions of dollars.

The following are the names of five popular progressive slot machines and one video poker machine that gives big dollar jackpots.

1. CashSplash

This is the first online available progressive slot machine that has 3 reels and with a starting jackpot prize of $5,000 and it can go as high as its maximum level of around $171,000. Everyone have a chance to win this in just one spin of the wheels.

To have the chance for the big jackpot prize you need to sign-up for $3 full coin-in.

2. Lotsaloot

This slot machine is a 50 cents spin with 3 reel and five line slot machine. To have the chance for the jackpot prize you must line up the three signs that are exclusive for the Lotsaloot on the fifth line, you need to have $2.50 to play that line.

3. Fruit Fiesta

This is a 25 cent type of slot machine, again with 3 reels and with three lines type of slot machine. This has been online since 2006. To have the chance for hitting the jackpot you must line up three signs of the fruit fiesta and this needs to be on the third line with the full coin which is only 75 cents. Many believe that this is the best value progressive online slot machine.

4. WOWPot

You can play at WOWPot for about 50 cents. This has 3 reels on the machine. This slot machine may look like the CashSplash but it is different. To have the chance for the jackpot, you need to hit the three signs of the WOWPot on the payline and the full coin-in at $1.50.

5. Treasure Nile

This is the first slot machine with a nine line progressive machine with 50 cents to play. This machine has 5 reels and is one of the newer progressive slots. The jackpot reached $389,843.85 which was recently paid to a lucky winner. To get the chance for the jackpot, just like the lucky guy, you need to play the 9th line with $4.50 coin-in full.

6. Supajax

This is the very first video poker that is progressive and this was introduced on the Internet. This is a $1 play and this machine uses around 53 card decks and the Supajx card is included in the deal.

The winner needs to have the 4 jacks along with the Supajax. The full coin-in is at $5, this can make you a huge winner on the jackpot.

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