American Slot Machines

There are certain aspects that every American slot machine enthusiasts should know. One important aspect is the regulation of slot machines from one state to another.

The ownership and availability of slot machines in the United States is legalized by the state governments. There are gaming boards that regulate the use and ownership of these machines. In Nevada, there are no restrictions against the public and private usage of slot machine and it is the only state that is restriction-free.

Hotel casinos in Atlantic City in New Jersey, however, are the only establishments that allow slot machines. Other states such as Louisiana, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana, slot machines are only allowed to operate on board accredited boats or barges.

Native American Indian Reservations are also not allowed to have slot machines except if the tribe makes an agreement with the state per the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The agreement between the state and the Native American tribe warrants the state to receive a fraction of the gross proceeds from the slot machines.

There are several classes of slot machines that exit in some states. The classes depend on the restrictions on the type of slot machines that are allowed in that particular state. Class III slot machines operate independently and these are the most common machines in Nevada and Atlantic City. The chance of winning a payout is similar with every play.

Class II slot machines are hooked up to a centralized computer which determines the result of each game. Class II slot machines have the same game principle as the scratch card lottery tickets, where every machine has equal winning probabilities.

Majority of American casinos give free memberships in slot clubs. Comps or complimentary items and/or services are given to club members. Some comps are in the form of refunds that can be redeemed on a later date. The clubs require member players to use a card which is inserted into the slot machine. This allows the casino to track the activity of its members and determines the eligibility of the members for additional comps. Over time, the use of comps from slot clubs can make a considerable difference in the slot machines’ pay out.

One way or another, the important thing to remember when playing slot machines is that it is proper to play the regulated ones in order to get the best advantages available. It is important to win a pay out, but having a piece of mind with the thought of supporting the legal aspect of the play makes a player responsible enough.

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