Slot Machine Glossary of Terms

In the onset of technology and new inventions, man was able to make his life even better by making work easier and faster. The same can be said in one of man’s favorite pastime: slot machines. In the advent of computers and microprocessors, slot machine manufacturers were able to create varieties of slot machines to make man’s slot machine experience more comfortable and more convenient without having to lessen the degree of excitement in playing. Thus, it is important to know the slot machine terms that emerged with these new technology.

The Random Number Generator or RNG is a computer chip placed inside the slot machine that chooses the combination a player gets after every spin. The Random Number Generator is especially designed to make the combination, each slot machine player gets, to be random.

Reels are the wheels that are found in a slot machine. They have symbols imprinted or painted on them and may number from three to five depending on the slot machine model.

A slot schedule is the information found posted in a slot machine. It contains basic information about that particular slot machine that includes the type of slot machine, the denomination that maybe used in that particular slot machine and the payout each slot machine player gets if he hits the winning combination.

A loose or hot slot is what you call a slot machine that gives a 100% average percentage payout whereas the tight or cold slots are slot machines that don’t give much at all. loose slot machines or hot slot machines are made by simply making the winning symbols more numerous than non-winning symbols whereas tight or cold slot machines are made by making more non-winning symbols.

A slot-mix or slot placement is the arrangement of slot machines in a casino. A good slot machine player must know what the particular slot-mix is in a casino. Loose slot machines are normally found in very visible areas. It has been said that loose slot machines are placed alongside tight slot machines. Therefore, if I were you, I would not try playing two slot machines at the same time.

An up or down online casino cycle refers to the slot machine’s high or low percentage payout in a certain period of time. This is also called sizzling or sputtering cycle. A short win is what you call winning a large amount of jackpot after spending a lot in a slot machine. This is common among slot machine players.

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