History of Progressive Slot Machines

We all know that Charles Fey invented the first ever slot machine in 1895. He then teamed up with Mills Novelty Company to perfect the slot machine models that have emerged through the years. These slot machines were the traditional basic three reel slot machines. Through the years, new and better versions of the slot machine emerged. This included five reeled slot machines, multiple payline slot machines, video slot machines, virtual slot machines and even progressive slot machines. I’m here to discuss how progressive slot machines came to be.

In March of 1986, IGT introduced the first ever progressive slot machines. Progressive slot machines differ from other slot machines as they do not possess a fixed amount of jackpot. Jackpots of progressive slot machines grow as more and more player play progressive slot machines.

IGT first made a progressive slot machine that was only connected locally with other progressive slot machines. Today, the network of progressive slot machines has expanded to the rest of the world even reaching as far as Europe, Canada and the East. After IGT, other companies followed in reproducing and manufacturing slot machines. This included Bally and Aristocrat.

A software engineer won the biggest progressive slot machine jackpot. He said he spent $100 on that progressive slot machine until the last instant when he saw the winning combination line up in place. On March 21, 2003, this 25 year old won $39, 713, 982. Because of progressive slot machines, 250 millionaires were created through the years.

The jackpot in a progressive slot machine increases as more and more people play progressive slot machines. It is said that 10% of every dollar wagered on a progressive slot machine is added to the jackpot. If this jackpot is hit then the jackpot level goes back to its initial starting value.

Progressive slot machines have two jackpots. These are the primary jackpot and the secondary jackpot. The primary jackpot in progressive slot machines is the highest jackpot that can be won if a certain winning combination is hit. This is usually displayed in big screens above the slot machines.

Secondary jackpots in progressive slot machines are displayed in smaller screens placed below the screens of the primary jackpot. Secondary jackpots in progressive slot machines are smaller in value than primary jackpots but they are hit more often.

It is said that progressive slot machines must be played with betting the maximum coins to get the maximum payout. Though this is true, it also gives the player maximum chance of losing.

Whatever the case may be, progressive slot machines have surely gone a long way and we can be sure newer models of slot machines will emerge in the future.

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