When you're in Japan, you can easily find Pachinko and Pachislo machines, mostly in Pachinko Parlors. While walking the street of Tokyo, you'll recognize many of these parlors, especially because of their loud and bright colors. Most of these parlors have a special corner with slot machines that aren't Japanese.

In all these parlors, because of the law the forbids gambling in the area of Japan, you exchange the balls you have won playing the slot machines for some of the good things they hold in they're gift-shops. If you are interested in breaking the Japanese law – you take something trivial from the gift-shop (like an exclusive perfume), and looking for the nearest “Exchange Stop”. They're usually located out side the parlor, in an alley or some other hidden place - and to exchange your balls for real money. Indeed, in Japan, balls are worth a lot of money. There is no reason to fear of been caught or to be informed to the local authority's, because the exchange stop is just a very small window which no one can see you through. You insert the prize you choose after winning the slot machines, and insert it to the window. The cashier gives you your money – and you're free to go.

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